Disneyland incident probed

The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department is investigating a passenger entrapment incident that occurred on Hong Kong Disneyland's Space Mountain roller coaster ride today.


No passengers were injured in the incident, however, Disneyland has been requested to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roller coaster and reopen it only after it is confirmed safe.


The department said that upon notification of a passenger entrapment incident on the Space Mountain ride at 3.30pm, its officers immediately arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation.


Preliminary findings show that nine roller coaster trains were in service at the time. Due to delays in the loading and unloading area, the safety system activated and stopped all trains on the track to prevent other trains from entering the loading and unloading area.


Since a train was stopped in an area that was difficult to access, Disneyland followed the operational procedures to notify the Fire Services Department for assistance before arranging for passengers to leave the roller coaster.


The department noted that all passengers were safely evacuated at 4.15pm and there was no mechanical failure.


In addition to the comprehensive inspection of the roller coaster involved, Disneyland must submit a report on the incident, it added.


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