Xia Baolong welcomes delegation

Led by Director of the Chief Executive’s Office Carol Yip, a delegation of politically appointed officials for national studies and duty visits began a study programme in Beijing yesterday. The delegation was received by Director of the State Council’s Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office Xia Baolong.


Mr Xia extended a warm welcome to the under secretaries and political assistants from various departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government who joined the programme and acknowledged their work so far, emphasising that politically appointed officials are an integral part of the Hong Kong SAR’s governance team and perform vital functions.


Mr Xia added that he hopes all members will fulfil their oaths faithfully, demonstrate their patriotism and love for Hong Kong through concrete actions, continuously strengthen their learning and experience, enhance their capabilities and levels of performance, take up responsibilities, and deliver good results.


He urged them to fully support the Chief Executive in the governance of Hong Kong in accordance with the law, contributing to Hong Kong’s progress to prosperity and ensuring the steady and successful implementation of “one country, two systems”.


Ms Yip spoke to Mr Xia about the objectives and learning outcomes of the study programme. She mentioned that this is the first national studies programme for politically appointed officials organised by the current-term Hong Kong SAR Government, and the largest of its kind to date. She said this reflected the Government’s emphasis on enhancing politically appointed officials’ understanding of the history, political system, legal system, policies and socio-economic development of the country.


Ms Yip said she believes that, through comprehensive and in-depth study of national affairs, the politically appointed officials of the Hong Kong SAR Government will be able to consider matters more from national, international, and holistic perspectives in their policy formulation, public communication and other daily work.


She added that they are expected to gain a better understanding of the needs of the country in delivering high-quality development, thereby helping them to facilitate Hong Kong’s integration into national development and achieve better outcomes for Hong Kong and nationally.


Over the course of Monday and yesterday, the delegation received three thematic lectures at the National Academy of Governance (NAG).


On Monday, Deputy Director of the Department of Politics & Law Research at the National Academy of Governance Prof Sun Dongfang delivered a lecture on the holistic view of national security and the modernisation of the national security system and capabilities, while Deputy Director of the Legislative Affairs Commission and the Basic Law Committee of the Hong Kong & Macao Special Administrative Regions of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Zhang Yong delivered a lecture on the Constitution and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR.


Yesterday, Prof Zhang Zhanbin of the School of Marxism at the NAG gave a lecture to the delegation on the philosophy and implementation of modernisation with Chinese characteristics.


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