Policy Address briefing session held

Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak today introduced policy measures related to the Home & Youth Affairs Bureau announced in the Policy Address to about 60 representatives of the District Services & Community Care Teams.
Speaking at an engagement session attended by the care team representatives, Miss Mak emphasised that care teams are service squads that support the Government's district work and play an important role in improving district governance.
Care teams should therefore fully comprehend the Policy Address and, under the instructions of District Officers who are commanders in their respective districts, help publicise government policies in the community so that the public can better understand the Government's governing tenets and the development directions of Hong Kong, she added.
The care team representatives actively shared their experiences in contacting residents in the sub-districts they serve and providing caring services.


Additionally, they welcomed the new Policy Address initiative that a management application would be developed with regard to the operation of care teams to facilitate their handling of daily work.
Apart from expressing gratitude to the care teams for their support of the Government's district work and commitment to serving the community, Miss Mak called on them to make their best efforts in establishing district networks and caring for district residents.
She also encouraged them and their families to cast their votes in the 2023 District Council Ordinary Election on December 10 and join the activities organised by the District Councils in order to unite the efforts of all parties to build a caring and inclusive society.


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