Govt urges pragmatism on taxi issue

The Government today said it has long been concerned about the operating environment of taxis and hopes the trade can tackle its issues in a rational and pragmatic manner with the public interest in mind.


The Transport & Logistics Bureau made the statement in response to requests by some taxi groups, noting that it met trade representatives today with the Transport Department, to understand their opinions and exchange views.


At the meeting, the Government stressed that it will stringently combat the use of motor vehicles for illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward which constitutes an offence.


Under a bill introduced into the Legislative Council in July, the Government proposed to increase the penalty for the use of motor vehicles for illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward, including increasing the maximum fine as well as lengthening the period of suspension of vehicle licences and the impoundment of vehicles.


After careful consideration of the views of the relevant Bills Committee, the Government will move amendments to further propose increasing the maximum imprisonment term to enhance the deterrent effect.


It will also launch a review of the existing legislation on how to deal with the illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward more effectively, and explore the regulation of online hire car hailing platforms to step up efforts in combating the illegal carriage of passengers.


Additionally, the Government will strive to resume the second reading debate on the relevant bills in the Legislative Council as soon as possible for early implementation of the relevant measures.

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