Police actions reasonable, legal

The Security Bureau today said it strongly opposed and condemned certain countries for wantonly making unsubstantiated accusations against lawful actions of the Hong Kong Police Force’s National Security Department (NSD) to list people at large as wanted persons.   In a statement, the bureau pointed out that the NSD's actions are reasonable, rational and legal, and explained that endangering national security is a very serious offence and no country will watch with folded arms acts and activities that endanger national security.   The bureau also pointed out that it is a common practice of Police and other law enforcement agencies to release information of fugitive offenders who have allegedly committed serious offences and are wanted and appeal to members of the public to assist in bringing fugitive offenders to justice, adding that it is also squarely in line with the international practice.   It stressed that extraterritoriality is in fact a common feature of national security laws in many countries, including the ones of the UK, the US and Australia. Extraterritorial application vested in the Hong Kong National Security Law (NSL) is in line with the well-recognised international law principle of protective jurisdiction and international practice.   The bureau noted that some countries ignored the extraterritorial effect of their national security laws and wantonly made unreasonable criticisms and smeared the extraterritorial effect of the NSL and Police's operations repeatedly, which are clearly typical manipulations tainted with double standards.   The statement also highlighted that it is outrageous that wanted persons who have absconded overseas often allegedly continue to engage in acts and activities endangering national security, adding that no country should harbour criminals. The relevant countries disregard the rule of law by trying to exonerate these people with different excuses, which is shameful and despicable.   The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will seize every opportunity to apprehend them in accordance with the law and will not allow them to evade justice.

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