CS begins Beijing visit

Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki began his visit to Beijing today.   Mr Chan called on the Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Beijing to receive a briefing on its work.   He was pleased to learn that the Beijing Office had made visits to various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to promote Hong Kong and enhanced co-operation between Hong Kong and the Mainland on all fronts.   Mr Chan also met the office's new Dedicated Team for Attracting Businesses & Talents to learn about its work in reaching out to target enterprises and talent to encourage them to pursue development in Hong Kong.   The Chief Secretary then visited Tsinghua University and interacted with Hong Kong students studying in Beijing to learn about their studies and life on the Mainland.   He noted that pursuing studies on the Mainland enables the students to keep updated on the latest national development and proactively explore the immense opportunities there.   Mr Chan encouraged them to continue studying hard and better equip themselves so as to serve the needs of, and contribute to, Hong Kong and the country in various areas with their own strengths in the future.

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